Monday, April 1, 2019


It is, with regret, that we announce the cancellation of Film Night International’s 2020 fall series previously scheduled to begin in September and continue through November.

Several considerations have gone into this decision

·         1. Medical experts are predicting a possible second wave of the virus this fall and winter.

·         2. The majority of our audience members and volunteers are in the “at risk” group. Their health and safety are our top concerns.

·         3. The production/release dates of many films have been postponed; therefore, there will definitely be many fewer titles to choose from.

·         4. Film festivals have been postponed/cancelled, making it harder for films to find distributors and for Circuit groups to scout possible selections to find suitable choices for their audiences. 

The two films scheduled for this spring were BY THE GRACE OF GOD and THE FAREWELL. These are now available for borrowing at both the Perth and Smiths Falls libraries.

If a treatment or vaccine is developed and becomes widely available by the end of the year, we will consider what this could mean for the winter/spring, 2021 series and will contact subscribers again.

We look forward to seeing everyone when audiences once again feel comfortable attending public gatherings and we are able to offer a full lineup of high quality international films. 

Follow our Facebook posts about the many streaming opportunities made available during this time.